Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Now I need a break from re-building my ON30 projects and want to put together my over-planned layout...a slight bird walk here...I have a few thoughts about how I re-tie HO switches into ON30...

I was looking for an ON30 Wye switch for some time. I bought one from Cream City, but it didn't match my Micro engineering code 83 flex track (ties too thin and too wide), so I bought an Atlas code 83 Custom Line Wye switch to dissect. Ouch!

I soldered brass bars across the ends of my Atlas Wye switch and a few on the tops in the BK skeleton switch fashion. ( This keeps everything in gauge during dissection and rebuilding).

I then used a heat gun and stripped all the plastic ties.

I find that cutting the copper with a Dremel to insulate the circuit too be a bit sloppy, so I mask the PC ties where I want to keep the copper with a paint marker and etch the areas away where I want to have insulation with ferric chloride. After etching, I clean off the paint with acetone and then polish the remaining copper with a Scotchbrite pad. I then added Plastruct 90746 1/8 x .40 plastic strips to the bottom of my .062 PC board ties (super glued) and that makes them exactly the height and width of the Micro Engineering ties.

 I made a jig for the tie spacing I wanted and dropped in my custom table saw cut PC board ties. (Yes,  I used a 10" table saw to cut them) I soldered them in place with 63-37 solder and a bit of rosin flux.

 I am not sure if I like Pliobond glue and the wood ties...they come loose easily... Maybe I'll do all PC board ties... Vance

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