Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wow 2016!

Here we are at 2016! I am all finished with my re-tie job on my Atlas WYE code 83 switch. I changed all the ties to match Micro Engineering ON30 track. I also added a caboose industries ground throw to it. ( I really like PC board ties ) Maybe this is the year that I will complete my ON30 shelf type layout. I have also just re-designed my corner module that I designed for our HO modular group. I reduced the maximum overall width of 72" to an easier and more manageable 53" while still getting a respectable 30" radius curve.

I got a new airbrush for Christmas, maybe I can complete some Mogul re-paint projects too.
More later....Vance

P.S. Stuckness: I earlier wrote about removing the Bachmann axle bolts. It seems that the greatest challenge for all kit bashers is stuckness. It appears that the current RTR models are designed and built by people who have no idea that anyone would ever want to take them apart. Good ole super glued, over torqued, sealed units!

Although I can usually over come their customer proof engineering with heat, cold, flexing, cutting, oven cleaner, alcohol, acetone, or MEK...  I say to all manufactures of nearly everything...STOP IT!

I bought it, I will disassemble it and modify it ... like it or not.

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